Why are some courses closed?

Some courses on our website are “closed” because they are happening at least two months into the future.

You can book any course within two months of the course date.

Course that are closed have been posted on the website so you can see when other courses are happening.

The only exception to this rule is Instructor courses and our Summer Holiday Camps where people may wish to make a commitment well in advance to guarantee themselves a place on one of these multi-activity paddlesport weeks.

We try to publish all courses for any one year by the end of May.

If you have any concerns regarding a course, you can contact us via enquiries@canoesportstrust.org.uk

Any course that fails to attract any participants within a week of the course date, may be closed so that instructor resource can be directed towards other courses and activities.

Courses will still run unless they achieve less that a 30% take up, in such cases course participants will be contacted and either given an option to carry the fee paid forward to another course or be offered a full refund.