Birthday Parties

We offer exciting instructor led sessions for those celebrating a Birthday with friends.

Activities include:

  • Open Canoeing
  • Stand Up Paddle boarding (SUPs)
  • Sit on Top Kayaking
  • Mega SUPs
  • Katakanus
  • Rafting


Our charge is £160 for up to 8 participants taking part in a one hour on one activity. Price includes wetsuit if required. We can accommodate up to 24 people in Canoes, Sit on Tops, Katacanus i but are limited to 16 on all other activities. If you had a larger group than 24 we can deliver between two and four different activities at the same.

When planning your visit, you should allow two hours for your visit, ensuring ample tiome to get changed before and to shower and change afterwards.

Should you have a need for spectators to view your activity, we have picnic area in which spectators can observe proceedings. The same area can be used afterwards should you event include after activity refershments.

To make a booking please complete the online enquiry form.

Half and full day bookings

Half day bookings requiring a minimum of a 3 hour visit could include two activities, each of one hour duration with a 15 minute break between activities. Such hald day bookings can be accommodated between 10am to 9pm. Our charge for half day (two activity) bookings for a minimum of 8 people is £300.

Five hour visits can accommodate three one hour activities and can be booked anytime between 9am and 9pm and costs £420 for a minimum of 8 participants. A maximum of 48 participants (6 x 8) can be managed on any one visit, with 16 participants doing any one of the three activities at the same time.

A full day visit of 7 hours can take place any time between 9am and 9pm. A full day will give access to four activities with time for lunch and breaks between activities. Our charge for a full day visit of four activities are £520 for a minimum of 8 participants. A maximum of 64 participants can be managed on any one visit, with 16 people doing any one of the following four activities below at the same time.

Activities will need to be agreed in advance.


Open Canoeing

Open canoes are 5 meters long and each accommodates three peoplem, pointed at both ends and open on top, propelled by one or more seated or kneeling paddlers facing the direction of travel and using a single-bladed paddle.

These boats are great for journeying for crew that have overcome their initial fear of a wobbly boat. Ideal for ages 8 and over.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP)

The fastest growing paddlesport, born from surfing with modern roots in Hawaii. Stand up paddle boarders stand on boards that are floating on the water and use a paddle to propel themselves through the water. Ideal for ages 10 and over.

Sit on Top Kayaking

Sit on Top kayaks do not require the participant to sit inside the boat which many new paddlers find better than using a closed cockpit kayak.

Sitting on top of the boat allows paddlers to fall off of the craft without any fear of entrapment, and it is easier to self rescue and climb back onboard.

The craft use twin bladed paddles and are popular with novice paddlers as the keep a straight line easier than a flat bottommed kayak.

Ideal for ages 10 and upwards.

Mega Team SUP

Our two Mega sized stand-up paddle boards are over 17 feet long. Amazing fun for group building, two teams go head-to-head with silly games and challenges. You will get wet and have a great time. Ideal for ages 8 and upwards.


The KataKanu is a truely versatile craft able to accommodate inclusion for all abilities of people which the KataKanu does this with ease with no adaptation required. Ideal for the youngest of padders or team paddling as the craft is incredible stable on account of its twin hullmaking it virtually unsinkable. This craft is brillant for introducing young people to world of paddlesport. Ideal for ages 6 and over.


Constructed using barrels, attached to bolted frames, teams are taught different methods of attaching barrels and may be supplied with materials to create a mast capable of supporting a sail. After going afloat, rafts challenge each other in assorted activities, sometimes resulting in an unexpected swim.

An activity best suited to those aged over 10 years old. This is an instructor led and supervised activity.