Train to become an Instructor

For those that wish to migrate from managed to self managed sessions, we provide opportunities for youth leaders and school teachers to become qualified to run their own sessions, removing the need for others to be paid to deliver activities for you. Each April we run two specific paddlesport leaders basic training days, that explain to prospective paddlesport leaders, the courses they need to complete before they are able to deliver their own sessions.

Courses include how to access equipment, health and safety, first aid training, safeguarding, safety and rescue, how to paddle kayaks, canoes, building rafts and SUP, how to teach, group management, providing ample opportunities for anyone to become a qualified paddlesport leader. We will later pair you with other instructors to improve on your experience, until you are ready to run your own sessions.

Many qualified paddlesport leaders also work for us as occassional instructors delivering activities and courses with younger instructors helping to deliver evening, weekend and summer holiday paddlesport camps and Friday Fun Days.

Where courses run indoors we are able to enjoy new facilities provided to us by Bury Lake Young Mariners. Should you wish to either get qualified or join us as a Paddlesport Instructor, follow the links at the bottom of the home page.