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Do you run courses for young Children?

Canoeing, Kayaking and SUP boarding are all physical activities, often using different muscles to those deployed on the football field. The time of year and variable weather conditions impact a young person’s ability to cope with a physical activity which is why we do not offer courses to anyone under the age of 11. Younger…

Why are some courses closed?

Some courses on our website are “closed” because they are happening at least two months into the future. You can book any course within two months of the course date. Course that are closed have been posted on the website so you can see when other courses are happening. The only exception to this rule…

AALA Explained

The Adventure Activities Licensing Authority (AALA) came into existence in April 1996. The Health and Safety Executive is currently designated as the AALA. Adventure activities licensing ensures that activity providers follow good safety management practices. These should allow young people to experience exciting and stimulating activities outdoors without being exposed to avoidable risks of death…

Do I need a Wetsuit?

This is a very common question the answer to which depends on a few factors, such as the time of year, the risk associated with the activity being undertaken, your susceptibility to the cold, and how accident prone you might be. Let’s start off with how accident prone you might be. There is no doubt…

How easy is kayaking

Would you believe me if I said learning to Kayak is easier than learning to ride a bicycle, yet it is always amazes me how many people learn to ride a bike yet worry about learning to paddle a kayak? If you think back to the days you learnt to ride a bike, first time…

Things to consider before buying a kayak

After having attended a few activities and courses you will start to think it quite a good idea to own your own boat (subject to the availability of funds) though we would encourage you to give it a bit of time before doing so.

Instruction Pay Scales

At the Canoe Sports Trust we recognise the commitment given by all of our instructors to acquire the qualifications they hold. It is this commitment that is cascaded down into our pay structure.

Instructor Recruitment 2022

The Canoe Sports Trust operates in association with local Scouting and Nomad Kayak Club to give Scouts, Guides and Schools access to a wide range of paddlesport activities.

To deliver this wide range of activity, we are always looking to recruit Paddlesports Instructors.

Our Affiliations

The Canoe Sports Trust works closely with a number of organisations for mutual benefit. All organisations are based locally in Rickmansworth and are associated with water use or enjoyment of the Colne valley.