Becoming a regular paddler

Have you attended a Trust activity with your school or club or attended a course and want to do more. In this article, we consider your next steps.

Many of us have a good time the first time we try something new, trying something else may be even better fun or attending a course could teach you a few more specifics to make you a better paddler.

Trying another activity could be achieved by enrolling on a course and the Trust runs a variety of courses during the Whitsun holidays and in the August summer holidays with courses aimed at beginners and improvers. Course types include Kayaking including Sit on Tops), Open canoeing, Stand up paddle board and Kayak polo, we may also have courses in Coracle and Dragon boating.

If you know what you want and now just wish to do it more often, then you should join a club which can introduce you to a variety of craft and other disciplines and is way less expensive than rushing out to buy a boat and all the kit only to find you actually did not enjoy it after having attended a few club sessions. Always better to join a club first and buy your boat later. Please note that the Canoe Sports Trust does not operate as a club.

The benefits of joining a club includes access to a range of different craft, an opportunity to meet other people that share a common interest in paddling and maybe a chance to make long term friends, it is also safer and more fun paddling with others.

Joining a club is also the cheaper option, providing you access to regular weekly sessions much cheaper than any pay as you go arrangement.

With so many paddlesport disciplines in the UK, most clubs tend to focus on just a few disciplines which tends to include activities that can take place on local water and interests the other members. Inland clubs tend to focus on rivers whereas clubs located nar the sea tend to focus on sea paddling.

Nomad Kayak Club is our most local club, and is able to offer activities than include placid water paddling, in kayak, canoe and SUP, river touring; kayak polo; and whitewater kayaking (at artificial facilities). The club also has the use of a local indoor swimming pool giving access once a month allowing members to meet regularly through the winter months and use the pool to practice paddling skills and learn to roll techniquesin the pleasantness of clean, warm water.

If the paddlesport disciplines that you wish to participate in are not available at Nomads, there are other clubs in Uxbridge, Marlow, Windsor, Hemel Hempstead and one in the Wendover/Tring area.