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Dragon boats

Our new dragon boats have arrived and will be available for courses throughout the season. Leader trials include Steerers and Coach courses so that we can maximise use of these new resouces.

One boat is orange with yellow scales and one is green with yellow scales and neither have a name. Before they are launched on Bury Lake for the first time we need to give them names. Suggestions for names to

Coracle Fleet

Coracles were our second aquisition, with 12 boats purchased from Longridge at Marlow. Coracles are best described as canoes with the front and back cut off creating a solo canoe for one with the stablity of a washing up bowl.

Great in a straight line and spins better than your shortest playboat.

Activity suggestions include Coracle polo, Coracle downwind sailing (using umbrellas) and Coracle slalom. Please send us any other ideas to