Summer Volunteers

Summer Volunteers Page

Each summer the number of volunteers, instructors and coaches limit how much activity we can offer because we never quite have enough people to meet demand. Our volunteers scheme hopes to attract new talent so that we can deliver more activities. .

Throughout the year we are on the lookout for new volunteers at the start of each season in April we run a selection of courses for volunteers to become qualified with the aim to have sufficient qualifications and experience to be taking the lead running activities later in the summer.

Volunteering as part of your D of E, or a younger instructors looking to work for us when they are back from university, or only do a single season during a gap year or break in education. Maybe an older volunteers who want to get involved because you may have enjoyed your time participating in paddle sport and now you want to give something back or you just like spending time outdoors? Whatever reason you have for getting involved, we hope we can offer you access to a rewarding pastime with many opportunities to maintain your interest.

Volunteers will be used to assist in the delivery of activities or assist with other land-based tasks. Volunteers will not be placed in a position of unsupervised responsibility for participants.Where volunteers are over the age of 18, they will be required to have undergone a DBS check, if under 18 they will be assigned to work alongside a nominated DBS checked adult who will be ensure their safety.

Where volunteers participate in water activities they will be considered as participants with regards to operational ratios as defined in our Operations Manual. It is recognised that not all volunteers will wish to become instructors with some very happy to remain in a supportive role rather than leading the activities, where a volunteer wishes to become an instructor, they will be required to obtain the following qualifications in addition to their DBS certificate:

  • Hold a valid First Aid Certificate (minimum 6 hours)
  • Hold a BC FSRT qualification for activities involving canoe and kayak.
  • Attend an activity instructors & group leaders (AIGL) training day in the last two years.
  • Have a Paddlesport Instructors coaching qualification or have undergone an Instructors Assessment confirming their capability to run minimal risk activity.

Volunteers may alternatively wish to get involved in other capacities such as administrative roles or get involved with the maintenance teams that include regular inspections of boats and equipment and undertaking fleet and facility repairs and site maintenance.

If you wish to volunteer and get involved in the work of the Canoe Sports Trust, you are very welcome to join us.