Young Leaders – Meet the Team day (311)

Date(s): Sat 13 May 23
0900 - 1600

Total spaces: 6
Remaining spaces: 0

The Canoe Sports Trust




Meet the Team day is an introduction for young people to learn about the work of the Trust and how they can fit in to a growing organisation, as a member of the CST Young Leaders Training Scheme. The Scheme provides an opportunity for six young people each year (in schoool academic years 11 or 12)  to be given an opportunity to complete the required training and exposure to activities, sufficient for them to become qualified as CST Assistant Paddlesport Instructor.

The first part of the course explains the training that will be provided and the commitment required from the young person, and the benefits the young person can derive from engagement, should they wish to be selected to enter the scheme. Following a BBQ lunch, the young people will be given an opportunity to take to the water and demonstrate their paddling skills in a variety of craft, this will include a few team and individual challenges and they will play a few games.

The purpose of the day is to make an assesment of a young persons suitability for the scheme.

The day concludes with a chat with two of the senior instructors, who will provide feedback as to how the young person got on and give reccomedations should the young person wish to join the scheme.

You can not book on to this course until 1st May 2023, instread scroll down to the bottom of the page and read the Summer Volunteers section which will provide instructions as to how you can apply to join the scheme.




This course is fully booked.