Managing Challenging Behaviour course (415)

Date(s): Sat 29 Jun 24
1400 - 1800

Total spaces: 24
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This course is run for us by Julia Pich

This 4hr course is aimed at all Canoe Sports Trust Instructors and Supporters. The aim is to help you manage challenging behaviour in your sessions. It will help you recognise possible causes and triggers and describe what actions need to be taken to manage unacceptable standards of behaviour. We will also look at how we work with people who have conditions such as Autism and ADHD or who we believe may be demonstrating characteristics of these conditions but who have not been diagnosed to help them get the most out of the activity. We will also be seeking your input into what changes Canoe Sports Trust need to implement to help everyone get the most enjoyment out of paddlesports.

To minimise interuptions this course will be held at the 1st Ricky Scouts HQ in Ebury Road, Rickmansworth.

The course fee is £10




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