Learn to Paddle a Canoe and a Coracle (437)

Date(s): Thu 30 May 24
0900 - 1200

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Whitsun sees a range of courses specifically aimed at providing tuition for those that wish to acquire a basic competance in a range of paddlesport craft, our  third course focusses on the Canoe.

Whilst you may have been in a canoe before, did you really master how to propel and steer the boat exactly where you wanted it to go. The course assumes you are a complete beginner, so teaches you the basic canoeing strokes that include the J stroke that makes you go forward, sweep strokes that allow you to turn and draw strokes that make you go sideways.

We include how to get in to get out of and manoeuvre whilst sat inside your canoe. You will buddy up with another participant taking turns to paddle at the front by putting in the power strokes and at the back learning to paddle whilst steering to keep the canoe going in a straight line.

You will learn how to turn the boat effectively and how to move the canoe sideways and backwards, both with someone else before having a go on your own. After a short break we will have a go at Coracles which can be propelled using the same stokes as learnt for canoeing.

This course is suited to anyone aged 13 or older. 

Bookings for this course open on 1st January 2024




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