Learn to Build and Paddle a Raft (439)

Date(s): Fri 31 May 24
0900 - 1200

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Whitsun sees a range of courses specifically aimed at providing tuition for those that wish to acquire a basic competance in a range of paddlesport craft, our  fourth course focusses on the Rafting.

You may have watched others take part in a rafting activity and thought that looks fun, did their raft stay together or did it fall apart. This course assumes you are a complete beginner when it comes to succesful raft building, and aims to make you the raft building expert you always wanted to be.

We learn about what makes a raft float and the knots required to keep the whole thing together. In the first half of the course we attach barrels to a bolted frame before launching the raft and going on a short tour.

In the second half of the course, we build a raft from scratch using wooden poles and ropes to hold the component parts together, before trying to launch the raft and hoping it stays together.

During the course we play a few raft games so expect to get wet. Wetsuits can be provided should you require one.

This course is suited to anyone aged 13 or older. 



Bookings for this course open on 1st January 2024




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