Paddle Discover in Canoe, Kayak or SUP 13+ (code 44)

Date(s): Wed 10 Aug 22
0930 - 1630

Total spaces: 12
Remaining spaces: 9





This one day course; three hours either side of your packed lunch invites participants to choose to do the course on either a kayak, a SUP or in an open canoe, with the course teaching you to become an independent paddler, whilst having fun and being safe on the water. You will develop an understanding of the factors which affect paddling such as trim, balance, compensation for a stronger side, long reach opposed to a short reach and learn other skills that will increase your confidence on the water. Practical skills will include capsizing and swimming your craft to the shore and developing your paddling technique so that longer journeys can be completed such as during the afternoon when we will take a paddle down to Harefield on the canal where we will introduce you to moving water. For this courses you will need to be confident and able to cope with a two hour journey. You should also be aged 13 or over.


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