Paddle Start Award – Canoe (code 25)

Date(s): Thu 21 Jul 22
1330 - 1630

Total spaces: 6
Remaining spaces: 4





The Paddle Start Award in Canoe is an introduction to our 6m long open canoes with you learning how to get in to get out of and manoeuvre whilst sat inside your canoe. You will buddy up with another participant taking turns to paddle at the front by putting in the power strokes and at the back learning to paddle whilst steering to keep the canoe going in a straight line. You will learn how to turn the boat effectively and how to move the canoe sideways and backwards. The course may give you the chance to get the best performance from your canoe if there is a breeze on the day of your course.

This course is suited to anyone aged 11 or over. 


Bookings are closed for this course.